Asal Malekzadeh

Asal Malekzadeh


ASAL MALEKZADEH was born in Tehran and graduated from Alzahra University in Makeup Artistic with bachelor degree. She started to follow her dream as a music player in her early teens (2000) under the supervision of great instructors such as ‘Mehrad Nobakht Pour’, ‘Mehrdad KarimKhavari’, ‘Hossein Rezaie Nia’, ‘Neda Ahmadi’ and ‘Erfan Be OmidHagh’.Asal Malekzadeh, except Daf, plays other musical instruments such as Dayereh, Drums, and Congas.

Her teaching experience:
She started her professional career as a music teacher in 2005 and up to the present has been successfully fulfilling her expectation to help a significant number of students to be great music players. At the moment, she is following her career in Alzahra University in Tehran.

During her career she was awarded with a large number of honours and certificates:

  • first position for her solo performance in ‘Ivan Ayeene’ festival in Iran (2005).
  • first position for her solo performance in ‘DafNavazi’ festival in Kermanshah in Iran (2007).
  • first position for her solo performance in ‘AvayeMehr’ festival in Iran (2008).
  • first position for her solo performance in ‘JavanIrani’ festival in Iran (2009).
  • Chosen player in Women Theatre in Iran (2009).
  • Certificate of Master Class held by Hakim Ludin in Iran (2014). Covered topics: Konnakol-South Indian Syllables, Cajon in different Styles, Congas & Bongos-Latin Rythms, Timbales & Small Pere. different Techniques, Ensemble Playing, Improvisations & Groove.

Her performance experience:

  • performance in Sharq Taronalari’ festival (Uzbekistan) with ‘AvayeMehrbani’ band under the supervision of Mrs.Soheila Pour Gerami. The second position among 65 countries attended in this festival was achieved by this band (2011).
  • Supervision of ‘HelheyeDaf ha’ band with 50 players, up to now many sequel concerts with this group in ‘Vahdat’ hall, Tehran.
  • performance in ‘Banovan Sheida’ band under the supervision of Mr.Mohammad Reza Lotfi (2009).
  • performances in Symphonic Orchestra, with Manouchehr Sahbaee, Saeed Zehni, Koohestani and Mortazavi.
  • performances in support of different NGOs such as Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization, Mahak Charity,etc.
  • recording on ‘Bi khabi’ album, composer: Behrooz Safarian, Singer: SaeedShahrouz.

Further performances in different music bands in different countries around the world. e.g. The United States, France, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Romania, The Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil