master-teacher camp
master-teacher camp

Teachers and colleagues among themselves

This class is aimed at teachers who aspire to boost their skills in a pedagogical and artistic way. It is our goal to provide you a platform where you can nourish your capabilities in exchange with other teachers and colleagues, in the middle of exciting concerts – so that you’ll be able to return to your everyday business equipped with new impetus. The workshops are tailored for your personal needs in a practice-oriented manner. Following Saturday’s dinner, the “Teacherstamm” will give you a possibility to interact with others in a creative and liberal atmosphere.


  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
09.15 Uhr     information  
09.30-12.30 Uhr     Masterclass Masterclass
12.30-13.30 Uhr     Mittagspause Mittagspause
14.00 uhr     T1 - Russ Miller T4 - Norbert Schmitt-Lauxmann
15.00 Uhr     T2 - Gerhard Eberl T5 - Jovan Nebojsa Zivkovic
16.00 Uhr     T3 - Roland Peil T6 - Michael H. Lang
17.00 Uhr       ending assembly
18.00 Uhr     optional dinner  
19.30 Uhr concert I TGH concert II TGH concert III TGH  
Masterclass Saturday and Sunday with the same teachers. place: POZ Pestaloozzischulhaus
  • Purpose, goal and development of drum systems in elementary and middle school (Mittelstufe)
  • Educational models of the future
  • Introduction, development and performance from the very beginning

  • Purpose, chances and possibilities in class

T4: Norbert Schmitt-Lauxmann (Timpani/Pauke)

  • What is a good drummer capable of?

  • Entrance and development in drum instruction

  • Status in class and general musical development

  • From first contact to championship

  • Everyday concepts: Joys and sorrows of a drum instructor
  • From early instrumental instruction to the soloist